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The Kodachadri Trek

Trek Name: The Kodachadri Trek
Peak: Kodachadri
Dates: 12-Jul-2003, 13-Jul-2003
Participants : Kannan(Chetti), Sandeep(Sangeeth's Brother), Sangeeth(Aliyan), Sanjeev(Khoj), Sreepad(Pad), Sudeep(Robo), Suresh(Warri), Sushen
Photos: Sanjeev's
Route to Base:
Bangalore => Karakkatte Gate
Trek Route:
Karakkatte Gate => Santhosh Hotel => Bhattara Mane => Sarvagna Peetha => Bhattara Mane => Santhosh Hotel => Karakkatte Gate
Trek Map:
Altitude Profile:
Bunch of Useless Facts:


The beauty of this place is past compare. Chetti was the first one to bring forth the idea of doing a trek in Kodachadri. The time was July. Perfect with rains and leeches and lush green forest. We decided to do it.

Chetti's friend Sandeep had given him directions as to how to reach the place etc. As usual we started on a Friday night in a Tempo Traveller from Prerana Tours and Travels. The driver was Mr. Nagaraj. The trip upto was uneventful. Our plan was to reach a place called Karakkatte Gate by 9:00 in the morning on Saturday. But due to the enoromous time wasted by visiting every eatery on the way (Thanks to hogs Chetti and Aliyan), we were late by almost 2 hours.

This time we were prepared for the leeches. The Kumaraparvatha Trek, though done two years ago, was still fresh in our minds. We made some saline solution and applied it all over our feet. This was supposed to protect us from leech bites. We soon found out otherwise.

The trek from Karakkatte Gate upto Santhosh Hotel was comparitively very easy. Though we took around 2 hours to complete, it was mainly because we had stopped very often to take in the breath-taking beauty of the forest. (Also to take in a few breaths). The breakfast of Puttu and Kadala of Santhosh Hotel is very famous. Since we were very late we could not enjoy it.

After a few minutes rest in santhosh Hotel, we decided to move on. The real trek started then. The path was narrow and the climb was steep. The propreiter of Santhosh Hotel had told us that it is only one hour to the top. But we took about 2.5 hours to reach the top.

There is a Bhattara Mane on top of Kodachadri also.

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