Sunday, January 1, 2006


There are a lot of places in India, that remains unexplored and untouched by the so-called civilization. If you are an ardent trekker you will agree. Such pristine beauty as we find in the peaks of Kumaraparvatha, Kudremukh or Kodachadri is to be experienced at least once in a life time. Here I will detail about a few experiences I have had in the past few years on the mountains and forests of India.

The first trek I ever had was sometime in 1993. I dont remember the exact dates. Along with fellow-members of the Interact Club (student wing of Rotary Club), I went for a trek in Thusharagiri, near Kozhikode, Kerala. The season being rainy, the scenery was breath-taking. The second trek was also to Thusharagiri, this time during an NSS camp organized during college days in 1996. We had a guide then, who took us to the falls above the first one. (Thusharagiri is a series of waterfalls. To reach the first one, the bottom-most, is very easy. The second and third are slightly tricky).

Again I had to wait a long time before my third trek. That was in 1999, when a few colleagues from COSL (Citicorp Overseas Software Ltd), Mumbai dragged me out for a trek to Bandardhara near Karjat. The memories of Thusharagiri came gushing out and I was hooked to trekking for good.

I will try to give details on how to get to the place etc. in the following trek reports. In May, 2006 I bought a GPS. So the reports for treks done after May, 2006 will have a small map attached to it to make things easier for wannabe trekkers.

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